January 17, 2013

It’s Here! Evolve 2013.

This richer, more comprehensive program has been designed just for you. Evolve 2013 will give you what you have been asking for: More information, more inspiration, more tools, more science, more support and a rich community of like-minded parents through which to grow.

Do you want to look back on 2013 and be able to say:

  • I am now parenting with intention and guiding our children in a way that is deeply connected and offers them a healthy space to grow.
  • I am now totally, 100% committed to self-care and I see the difference it makes in my parenting.
  • I am now on the same page with my partner—as parents, friends…and lovers.
  • I feel supremely comfortable about our finances and in my ability to impart healthy habits to our children.

Evolve 2013 will offer you a year’s worth of my time, energy and passion—the very best stuff in the areas of parenting, personhood, partnership and prosperity. All of it. With Evolve 2013, together I will help you re-wire your brain for more love, more joy, more fun and way more connection with yourself, your children, your partner and your money.

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  • I'm grateful for meg McCarty sending me you're blog

    I would love more info. Even thoughnImam a grandmother Imfeel I could benefit from your blog!!!
    • Hi Nancy! Click where it says Evolve 2013 and learn much more. We had a set of grandparents in the program this past year and they LOVED it! Join us.
  • I'm grateful for healthy children!

    I am grateful for so many things in my life....My 3 beautiful boys to start, my wonderful husband, who helps me with them. I am thankful for every last moment that I got to spend with my grandmother before she left this world this past December 1. I am so very grateful for my wonderful friends....new and the ones who have been with me since age 5. Grateful for my health and that I have been vegan for over 23 years.
  • I'm grateful for Today!

    I want to know about Evolve 2013 but the link brigs me to "page not found" Excited to read more!!
    • Me too! Is it too late to enroll? I know this starts Monday!

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