May 03, 2013

Something’s Coming!

You know when your child is acting in ways that are hard to handle?

I’m talking about the times when that little growing person is doing the things that push your buttons and make you want to SCREAM (and sometimes you do)?

Well, it very often means SOMETHING’S COMING.
A new skill!
A new idea!
A new interest!
A new inch!
A new tooth!
A new state of being!
A new experience!
A new something that is going to make your little person (or any person really) more of who they are!

It means something so fantastic is about to POP that you will be shocked and delighted and you’ll slap your hand on your head and say, “Oh, you were growing. Of course that’s why you were acting that way. Something new was emerging and now it’s here. Hooray!”

And then it will happen again and again and again and again. For a long long long long time. And each time there will be more and more and more and more of that growing person to love.

When things get whacky and you start to question your child and your parenting remember and repeat this mantra…

Something’s coming!


Hop on over to Slow Family Living to read about what inspired this post and then comment below if you have a story to share. I love hearing from you.


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  • I'm grateful for humor

    VOCABULARY! That's what's been comingour way lately. And lots of it. My son is almost 5 and SO verbose!
    • Yes! That'll do it, Sarah. My brain hurts just thinking about what an almost 5 year old is trying to learn. Hope you are well and extra hope I get to see you this summer when I'm in Maine.
  • I'm grateful for My growing little people

    I really needed to hear this today! Can't wait to see what's coming for my spirited, challenging 3-year-old!
    • Hi Shawna, thanks for commenting. Three is such a big year for growth, especially around emotions and social skills. Keep me posted on what's emerging. Big love to you and your family.
  • I'm grateful for Change!

    This is soooooo true, and even with my second I am always forgetting it. I just left town for 5 days - desperate for some time away from my 4 yr olds "button pushing" -- only to return to a new child! Delightful. So yes, I will try to remember this..... Thanks Carrie!
    • Hi Rie! So good to hear from you. I'll be out in the Bay area this summer. I would love to see you when I come through.
  • I'm grateful for Wonderful rainy days

    My son is 11 and something really powerful seems to be coming. He is constantly pushing his father's buttons by questioning everything that is taught to him. (He is homschooled by my husband). With me, he swings between being this sweet cuddly boy and this wise and observant young man. Can you speak to the older kids, who are going though these changes?

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