October 05, 2016

The Fourth Pillar of Family Life

Ok, so today I’m tossing you a curveball.

I want to talk about a core component of family life that normally gets swept under the rug. And after decades of working with families, I know this topic has a huge impact on your day to day, which is why we’re addressing it head on.

This month, we’re tackling Prosperity.

I know that money, finances, abundance, etc. (whatever you choose to call it), is an evocative topic for many people. So if the thought of exploring this issue makes you feel a little nervous or queasy or anxious or feeling like you just don’t want to do it — I assure you, you are definitely not alone.
Please trust me when I say, the work we do this month is going to help you allow more of everything you want (not just money) into your life.

So let’s get on the same page.

Just what is prosperity? And is it really all around us?
Prosperity is a state of being. It’s a feeling state more than any concrete level of success. It’s a way of being and feeling that is alive and safe and free and deep and rich. Not necessarily rich in money but rich in life and the appreciation of life.  And prosperity looks different for each of us. For one person it might mean having the financial means to do, have, and be anything they choose. To another person it might mean having a healthy family, a few good friends, healthy food and a comfortable place to rest their head at night.

Since prosperity is so personal, the most important step to achieve prosperity is to first get clear on what feels prosperous to you.

How would I define prosperity for me?
What does prosperity feel like?
When do I feel prosperous?
Where do I feel prosperous?
With whom do I feel prosperous?

Today I want to first inspire you to connect with all the ways you are already prosperous. Because if you are alive, if you have a home, if you and your people are healthy, if you can move your body, if you have access to food, if you have a car or a bike or public transit, if you have access to clean water, if you have even just one person in your life who loves you, you are massively prosperous.  (Not to mention the prosperity of whatever device you’re reading this email on: a truly miraculous piece of technology!) I want you to spend the week connecting with all the ways you are a bunch of lucky freakin’ ducks to be alive in this amazing time and place in human history.



***And heads up – if you’re already hearing the criticisms or critiques or doubts – that’s a-okay. Take a breath, acknowledge that you hear them, then look for the prosperity.
Here’s an example.
Your inner voice says: “Sure I have a cell phone but it cost me so much each month!!”
You can reply: “I hear you, criticism, and I appreciate your concern. Today I’m choosing to celebrate my prosperity and give gratitude for this amazing device and all of the freedom and access to the whole wide world it affords me!”

Train your brain to focus on the inherent goodness of simply being alive. And remember, true prosperity is the by-product of being here now, feeling massive love, choosing your thoughts and counting your blessings.

Here’s to you and your massively prosperous life,


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