May 10, 2012

The Secret to a Perfect Mother’s Day

A lot of women say they don’t care about Mother’s Day, it’s just a Hallmark holiday. But then the day comes, and goes, and in fact, it did matter. Mother’s Day matters! You want to feel appreciated for the work you are doing. And you deserve to feel appreciated for the work you are doing. For sure. So here’s what I recommend… Tell the people around you what you want.

Take responsibility for your happiness.

:: Do you want the day off?
:: Do you want to be with your partner and children the whole day?
:: Would you like to be with your own mother? Friends?
:: Do you want a massage or a pedicure?
:: Do you want some time alone? An hour…or 24?
:: Do you want to eat a certain meal?

Don’t wait for your family to read your mind or hope that they will magically just know what you want. I guarantee you THAT is a recipe for disaster. It doesn’t work that way. YOU are in charge of your experience. Set your family up to succeed. Because I promise you, they want you to have a great day. And they want to know they made you feel as special as you are to them.

Give them the gift of giving you what your heart desires.

Right now take a minute and ask yourself, “How do I want to feel on Mother’s Day?” And then, “What needs to happen so I can feel that way?”

Be honest with yourself. Be clear with your people.

:: You expect presents? Great! Tell them.
:: You want to sleep in on Sunday? Communicate that Friday (and Saturday!)
:: You need brunch at a certain restaurant? Fabulous. Hand your partner the number of the restaurant to make the reservation. Or better yet, make the reservation yourself.

NO HINTING! People need clear and kind communication. The
result? Your happiness. And when mama’s happy everyone is happy.

I know what you might be thinking: “But if they loved me, they would know what I want.”


Stop. Stop, stop, stop. People cannot read your mind. It’s not fair to expect that of others.

Asking for what you want = getting what you need.

Remember this on Mother’s Day and always…
To feel great you must communicate.
And be sure to appreciate – because what you appreciate, appreciates.

I want you to feel celebrated this weekend. I want you to have a fabulous, joy and love-filled day. You deserve it. Decide how you want to feel and then tell the people around you how to help you make that happen. They will LOVE you for this.

Here’s to healthy parenting, partnering, and personhood.

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  • I'm grateful for great friends that are my circle of believers.

    Carrie - I love this so much. My husband's birthday is the day before Mother's Day each year.. After many years of trial and error, I realize I have this gift of his birthday the day before to really prod me into asking for what I need on the day after. This year, I planned his bday at a hotel, with a mom's brunch the next day at the hotel restaurant. We are all looking forward to it! Thank you for reminding us to honor ourselves and by doing so creating great and loving memories for our family too.
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