January 15, 2013

What’s your “joy factor?”

After nearly two decades of studying and observing human development – especially young people – it is very clear to me that our lives as humans are meant to be filled with ease, joy, lightness and play.

What I’ve discovered is that many people think that the joy and playfulness comes after they have better relationships and more money; but that’s backwards. The truth is, once you experience joy and feel light and playful, financial and relationship prosperity quickly follow.

So the question is, how can you increase your “joy factor?”

For starters, you need to be aware of it, which means you need to tune in to how you feel. When you’re feeling tired, hungry, hurried, fearful, stressed or scarce, your joy factor is low.

But you are in complete control of your joy factor at every moment of the day! You can choose to shift to joy, instantly!

Check out the video to learn how, and then share your response to the challenge I pose inside the video on the blog. I bet you’ll feel more joy if you do!



Ready to feel more joy?? Share your answer to the video challenge on the blog and then invite your friends and family to do the same!

Oh, in the 11th hour I added a couple of really amazing new goodies to my Evolve 2013 offering that are going to really rock your parenting world!  They’re sure to bring you loads of ease and joy, so stay tuned for that…it’s coming really soon!

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  • I'm grateful for a sunshiney winter morning in Portland

    I'm grateful for: 1.) A husband that gets up and helps the baby go back to sleep at 4am, even when it's not his turn. 2.) My iron-willed, imaginative, healthy 4yo daughter. 3.) My no-longer-a-baby, but not-quite-a-toddler-yet, healthy, happy 1yo son. 4.) A job that allows me to work from the armchair in my living room. 5.) Delicious, clean water straight from the tap!
    • i am envious of your # 5! I live outside of orlando fl and you drink water from the tap at your own risk around here.
  • I'm grateful for 1) connecting deeply with new friends over tea at a delightful cafe.

    2) Housekeepers! Beautiful housekeepers that care for the areas of my home that I have NO interest in caring for. 3) The closeness of my husband's work—enabling impromptu lunch dates and pedestrian commutes. 4) Working for myself, from a home studio (see #1 and #3) 5) A delicious son who nourishes me with his humor, curiosity, creativity and wisdom.
    • i love your # 2!!
  • I'm grateful for another gorgeous day in paradise

    I'm grateful for: -a partner who is equally ambitious, creative and committed to excellence in her work and bringing tremendous value to her blog subscribers -having the awareness to actually implement the wisdom that comes from carrie and other mentors -aly's smile and laugh and temperment. she is just one of the happiest most beautiful beings on this planet that brings me pure joy -the rejuvenation power of sleep -my ultra comfy bed!
  • I'm grateful for time for yoga classes

    I am grateful for knowing how to eat and cook well...for being able to buy organic and foods that are more sustainably produced/grown....for having a sweet and generous husband...for learning so much about life and love through my 20 month old daughter...for having so many choices and learning (daily) how to make the most positive ones!
  • I'm grateful for 1) the music my son played on his xylophone in the car this morning

    2) the reminder from my daughter to take delight in her brother's music in the morning "he's a rock star"! 3) the kisses I had rained on my cheeks at the second dropoff 4) getting past a 5-day stomach bug (not me, one of the kids) 5) my husband getting up this morning to help get the kids out despite having gotten in *really* late after flight delays, and not even being cranky about it
  • Oooh, I'm loving this gratitude flurry! Here are mine: 1) The work I get to do supporting families. 2) All of the amazing teachers I've learned from along the way. 3) My family who supports and loves me so very much. 4) My friends who are steadfast and endlessly inspirational. 5) The people who support me and my work. You know who you are;) 6) The gorgeous home I live in. 7) Working from home. 8) The people that help me keep my home clean and beautiful. 9) Living in Austin, TX. 10) The means, desire and ability to travel for work and pleasure. 11) Technology that allows for THIS type of goodness to happen. 12) Feeling safe and secure, all ways. 13) Nature. 14) A whole lot of ease. 15) Massive joy and crazy belly laughs. 16) Love love LOVE!!!!
  • I'm grateful for Relationships

    1) a husband that loves me despite my challenges 2) two healthy children who are still young enough to want to be around me and care what I think, and hold my hand and want me to lie next to them in bed as they are falling asleep. 3)my childhood friends that check on me and know me so well and will always be part of my DNA. 4) my sister for being the most constant supporter of me and protector when she needed to be and the only one that gets the madness and appreciates and laughs over the ridiculousness. 5) my son's school for making him feel so connected to everything about the school's community, for allowing him to flourish at his own pace and for drawing him to the joys of reading and writing so much that he brims over with it when he comes home.
  • Grateful for clean sheets on the beds, sunshine coming through windows, kids at school so I can type my gratitudes, decaf coffee and the (new found) ability to be kind to myself
  • I'm grateful for Abundance

    I'm grateful for my sweet, beautiful family, my garden, my rockin collection of coffee mugs, nourishing food, and big community of brave, funny, curious, playful, generous friends.
  • I'm grateful for connection.

    I'm grateful for all the wonderful work that Carrie does to nourish family life, learning about children's different brain states, boundaries, intention, gratitude, learning how to play, learning about prosperity, the support I've had through working with Carrie in Evolve 2012, the amazing group of people on the forums who put so much love into raising their families or / and to impacting the world with love. I grateful that in this life we never stop learning and evolving and that I can now see how others are on that same path.
    • Yes, yes, yes!!! Couldn't agree more.
  • I'm grateful for gaving the opportunity to express my gratitudes here!

    I am grateful for having Evolve and Carrie in my life for 2 consecutive years, I have shifted my way of living, thinking, parenting to a whole new great level. I am grateful for having 2 healthy, fun, incredible kids and 1 amazing husband. I am garteful for a creative flexible fun job that allows me to work while my kids are at school and be with them when they come back. I am grateful for having a wondeful christmas surrounded by family visiting from everywhere, my house was crowded with love. I am grateful for a whole new year ahead of me. I am grateful because this "evolvian" adventure and style of life will stay with me forever. And I am so grateful for welcoming the word intention and gratitude into my daily routine!
  • I'm grateful for all of these gratitudes! Thanks everyone. Reading what other people are appreciating makes my heart super happy and reminds me of all the goodness in my own life.
  • I'm grateful for a little time to myself in the middle of the day.

    I am grateful for: 1) the new YMCA that opened up right smack dab across the street from our home! 2) My healthy, happy, busy, loving kids (who are getting along beautifully for once!). 3) My hoppity husband who made me lunch last night while I finished up writing an assignment sheet for my freshmen so I wouldn't have to worry about it this morning. 4) A job that allows me a flexible schedule and a life of the mind. 5) My mamas, my mamas, oh my beautiful mamas, who are my daily inspiration and supplier of wisdom and connection and are my chosen family.
  • I'm grateful for sunshine on a snowy day;

    the opportunity to do creative work with my husband in a loving community; good and getting better health and vitality; two energetic and creative boys who challenge me to grow and reward me with loving hugs, kisses, and words ever day; having enough and more than enough of what we all need to live and flourish.
  • 1 ) I am grateful for my three delicious, cuddly sons. 2) For my sweet, handsome husband. 3) For the slow morning during this summer holiday (we're in Australia) 4) For all the birds I hear singing around my house. 5) For the abundance of choices we can make every day!
  • I am grateful for an abundance of loving, adventurous, and open-minded family and friends, 2) delicious organic food in Alaska, in the wintertime, 3) for two beautifully, creative, smart, playful kids, 4) a loving, supportive, partner who works full time to help continue our abundant family during the wintertime, 5) NFL playoffs, even though my two teams have already been eliminated! 6) the path I have taken that has lead me to this perfect place and time in my life!
  • I'm grateful for My Beautiful 3 year old daughter who gives me the best hugs & kisses! (and cuddles!) She keeps me going! Lol!

    #2: My Fiancé and all that he does and (although it may make him crazy at times) the fact that he has a good paying job. Lol! #3: My loving and (for the most part) healthy Family.... Just wish they all lived closer #4: Owning a spacious home in a beautiful, quiet part of the city (with great neighbours) #5: Having a job(s) that allows me the opportunity to spend my days with my Daughter and 2 nephews
  • I'm grateful for three kids napping at the same time.

    I'm also grateful for the sunshine and gorgeous weather, kiddo #2 being healthy, water, heating to feel cozy when the weather dips, green smoothies, time to fold laundry, a great visit with a friend last night, yummy lunch, my mama intuition, do-overs.
  • I am grateful for a quiet moment to think, for Carrie Contey and all of the amazing resources she offers that have helped me tap into real joyfulness in the midst of my very real day to day existence as the mother of two small children, I am grateful for my health, for afternoon dance parties with my kids, for tea, for a crisp and clear afternoon.
  • I'm grateful for Great, big hugs

    I am grateful that I have a partner who loves me despite my "imperfections." I am grateful for two amazing children, who haven't ceased to bring me joy every single day since they entered this world. I am grateful for the quiet moments, when I can catch my breath and reflect on how rich my life really is. I am grateful for loved ones I've lost, who continue to remind me to celebrate and appreciate every minute I have on this earth. I am grateful for my cat, who snuggles with me night after night--even when I'm no picnic to be around.
  • I'm grateful for SOOOO much!

    Wonderful family, most of whom live closeby. A better husband than I could have possibly imagined. Delightful, fun, sassy, wildly imaginative daughters. Intending to feel spacious today, and feeling it. Beautiful weather. Trees you can see through during the winter--the barebones, rugged look of nature right now. Bright red cardinals. Girl Scout Cookies. Quiet time during naps. Patience when naps aren't forthcoming. Feeling calmer, happier, more confident and joyful than I felt a year ago. Carrie and all the lovely people around her. :)
  • 1) Im grateful for my family and that we are together right now 2) for my 9monyhs old amazing son sleeping in my arms 3) for all the milk i produce to breastfeed him 4) for my incredibly gorgeus and wonderful husband 5) for warm tropical winter and being able to walk outside in a t-shirt 6) myself 7) thank you life !!! THANK YOU EXISTENCE 8)food i have today for me and my family 9) being able to talk to my family across the ocean on skype and See them 9) watching amazing sufi movie todat 10) all the hugs and smiles 11) my house, and car and all the abundance of materialand nonmaterial things around me 12 ) thanks Carrie for all the cute videos 13) my laptop:)
  • I am grateful for: 1) having my mom live with us; 2) having a partner who takes care of everything while I'm gone on business trips; 3) having eaten an absolutely juicy and delicious cheese burgers this afternoon on my way back home; 4) the hug and kisses and 'i love you's' from our toddler tonight...oh, those little arms around my neck and that sweet voice with which he says, "i love you momma" ---makes my heart sing; and 5) finding all the fantastic information on this site.
  • I'm grateful for My amazing partner that is holding down the fort for 10 days while I'm traveling!

    That my two beautiful children, husband, myself and mother are all healthy. That we are all intellectual beings with a lot of curiosity. For all of the beautiful experiences I have had in my life (so many!!). To live in a place and land of plenty and peace, with no fear of immediate danger or war. The love my amazing children give me even when I am 'crazy mama'.
  • I'm grateful for this beautiful sunshine-y Austin day.

    1.) Grateful for a partner who will sit and have the tough conversations. 2.) Grateful for a 3-year old who shows compassion and empathy. 3.) Grateful for a 20-month old that knows how to make us laugh. 4.) Grateful for work that gives me time with my family. 5.) Grateful for two cars that get us where we need to go.
  • I'm grateful for my family , my life

    1. My amazing family - immediate and extended (coming off of a great weekend having stayed with our inlaws and celebrated my daughters 4th in a fun, memorable and connected way!) 2. My husband who took the kids to the grocery store so I could re-assimilate us back into the house and make healthy snacks for the week 3. 3 hours before midnight sleep! (and Carrie sharing that this is double time.... it is!) 4. Our beautfiul house - it's just the right size and has all these great pictures and memories that remind me of our great family 5. My job - it's overwhelming but gives great stability and medical benefits to my family
  • 1. The warm sunny day 2. My three beautiful and loyal four legged companions sitting with me in the sun 3. My husband's generous spirit 4. My daughter's quirky, joyful take on life 5. My daughter entering adolescence ants the new relationship it inspires
  • 1. I am surrounded by wonderful friends who are always ready to help me with a shoulder to cry on, an idea to reinspire me or just a meal to nurish me. 2. The rain this morning, and cool air 3. A husband that supports me in every endevour 4. The health of my kids (so many are suffering with the flu and they just keep on ticking) 5. Financial freedom that allows us to have nicer things and to give back to the world.
  • I'm grateful for a few quiet moments alone in my own house!

    1. A relaxing Sunday morning with my hubs and two rascally boys. 2. A new attitude we have as a family this year--intentional, fun, and creative. 3. The amazing community of support in Austin 4. Our big backyard 5. My husbands quirky and clever humor
  • 1. That my husband supports me and my dreams without question. 2. That my oldest son still *loves* snuggling with his mama. 3. That our family is happy & stable. 4. The friendly folks who make living in our neighborhood so fun. 5. That I got to watch my 1 yo nurse himself to sleep at naptime. This never happens anymore and I'd forgotten how sweet it is.
  • I'm grateful for the ocean.

    1. Today, on our last morning of vacation, we saw dolphins playing right offshore 2. Fresh squeezed orange juice - a real treat for a vermonter! 3. A few moments to myself while daddy and nana play with the boys 4. Coffee - wow I just love a cup of coffee in the morning 5. love flowing between all my family members
  • I'm grateful for the ability to see and feel.

    The first five things for which I am grateful are my amazing family, my many lifelong, dear friends, having a job, my health and having a home and food. So many don't. I'm grateful every day and have felt most of my life that I am the luckiest person I know.
  • I'm grateful for my perspective

    1) Grateful that I understand food/natural living more deeply than most. 2) Grateful that I recognize the healing nature of the universe and those who practice within that realm. (especially Yoga ;) 3) Grateful that I know life is not just the reality that media/corporations/banks/governments have created. 4) Grateful for every small moment that kindness sprang from me and landed upon another. 5) Grateful that I feel loved by God and feel like a special creation.
  • I'm grateful for My life as it is!

    1. A very responsible husband who works more than the average to provide for our family. 2. A healthy perfect baby boy that grows so much every day. 3. A beautiful comfortable house in a wonderful neighborhood. 4. Health. 5. I am grateful for having more than enough to eat, drink, wear and use.
  • I'm grateful for change and constants.

    1) I'm grateful for a partner who will get up and take the dog out in the morning anytime I ask him to. 2) I'm grateful for a flexible work schedule and time for myself and my creative work. 3) I'm grateful for the holiday season, and my sister coming to visit next month! 4) I'm grateful for the space we live in and being able to feel at home. 5) I'm grateful for the motivation to do the things that are most important to me.
  • I'm grateful for So much!!!

    My friends and our connections! My children and they're talents and hobbies. My husband and his acceptance of my desire for an extraordinary life!! My recent retreat and awakening!! My ability to take a deep cleansing breath and be in the moment!
  • I'm grateful for hot coffee!

    1. A full belly, a roof over my head, a stable and safe environment. 2. An amazingly loving partner who I LOVE spending time with 3. A hilarious and healthy son who pushes me to grow and loves me even though I make big mistakes 4. My parents and sister are alive and well 5. A job that I really like and coworkers that are a pleasure to spend time with
  • I'm grateful for 5 things

    1) having this whole week off work; 2) healthy, happy, thriving kids; 3)my partner, my sister, and I are all healthy; 4)connecting with people in person and online who help me grow; 5) good books to read
  • I'm grateful for 5 things

    Wonderful evening with friends A husband who deeply loves and cares for me A healthy, beautiful boy A house I adore Loving family
  • I'm grateful for My quiet time.

    1)my friendships that help keep me sane. 2)my 3 healthy unique children. 3)my accepting husband- he may not always agree with me but is let's me have my opinions. 4)having healthy food to eat and understanding food as a necessity for health not an indulgence. 5)the changing seasons of New England.
  • I'm grateful for being able to look forward to a peaceful happy Christmas holiday with my gorgeous family in our warm clean home

    I feel so blessed this year. My 18 month twins are such a delight, my husband and I love and enjoy them so much! We don't need anything else for Christmas, they are the GIFT :) I have really been digging Carries Holiday Challenge, its really been helpful at such a busy time. Its made me focus on staying in the present and being aware of all the little things I can do to stay calm and ensured I stay on track doing the things that I really really want to do. Not do what I think I should do. They are very different things, so it turns out! The other thing I feel really grateful for tonight are my friends. They keep me in touch with the bigger picture that is me and the world and help me realise my purpose in the world.
  • I'm grateful for the spaciousness of fresh starts

    2013 has provided me a LOT of opportunity to dig deep into what fuels much of my fear-based decision making. And what I've discovered is that most, if not all, of it is due to a belief that everything I do, say, and choose is set in stone. Done. Finito. That's it. No do-overs. And that's a terrifying thought. It's the kind of belief that will either make you paralyzed or in my case paranoid about ever making the wrong decision. So without realizing it, I am ending the year in a much more evolved place where I get it. I really get it. And oh how thankful and grateful I am for that realization. I am so grateful that each day, each hour, each moment....I can take a breath and reset, restart, pause and reflect. I can say, "Whoopsie" and own my mistake, but then also give myself the gift of grace and forgiveness and realize that each misstep is an opportunity to try again. I am also tremendously grateful for freedom...freedom to do and say and be and want and choose! I am overflowing with love for my littles and becoming more connected with my husband. Oh 2013 - I didn't know what you would have in store for me...and parts of it were rough....really really rough. And now as I reflect on the year, I can feel my heart smile and I know that I was right where I needed to be each step of the way in order to get right where I am today with a great big goofy grin in my heart.
  • I'm grateful for This great mild weather which adds to the Christmas spirit!

    1. My healthy family 2. My husband who is such an equal partner and supportive in this family ride. 3. An abundance of family and great friends in our lives. 4. That we live in a country where we are able to achieve financial stability and success. 5. That we really have everything we need right here right now!
  • I'm grateful for a Healthy Life

    1) my children 2) a loving husband 3) a warm house on a cold a chilly day 4) a fully capable body and mind 5) kind and caring friends
  • I'm grateful for my happy healthy family

    1) my three busy noisy boys 2) my lovely husband 3) living and a place and time that we are happy, healthy and financially secure 4) sunshine and fresh air 5) a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the school routine
  • I'm grateful for my two little people who make my day full or surprises and adventures.

    I am grateful for my family's health. I am grateful for my husband being employed and making it possible for me to stay home with the kids. I am grateful for a warm comfy house over our heads especially after hearing about the Arctic vortex that is hitting many americans today. I am grateful for my awesome extended family who would do anything and everything for their loved ones. I am grateful to really good food in our refrigerator and excited that we can eat such great food everyday in sunny southern California.

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