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It’s true: parenting is challenging and tricky

There’s a lot of parenting advice in the world that can make this journey even more confusing. Parenting Essentials cuts through the noise and offers you the fundamentals – the essentials – for strengthening your parenting skills and deepening your relationships with your children. This is the “how to” of conscious parenting.

Parenting Essentials is for parents of kids of ALL ages who are interested in:

  • Understanding the development of their growing people better
  • Feeling clear and confident in their parenting choices
  • Developing healthy relationships that endure for decades to come
  • Knowing how to navigate daily life, especially the sticky situations, with grace and ease
  • Creating a joy-filled family life that is blissfully your own

Parenting Essentials provides you with:

> A  New Perspective on Human Development: Understand what’s really going on in the growing years and what your children need from you along the way

> Science-Based Information: Learn how their brains are developing and use this invaluable information to create and strengthen healthy relationships in family life

> Parenting Essential Tool Kit: Expand your go-to tools for keeping family life flowing and know exactly what to do in the moment when your children behave in ways that are challenging

> Deeper Self Awareness: Discover why your well-being is essential to family life and how to “parent yourself” when you are triggered by your children’s behavior

Cultivate the confidence and courage to take care of yourself, trust your people, and choose love.

This was such a transformative experience for me. For the past year with my 3 and 6 year olds, I feel like I've been constantly saying to myself (and anyone else who will listen) "I want to be a better parent, I just need someone to tell me HOW!" I walked away with real answers from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Becca Q.

Thank you so much for the call today! I didn't have any specific questions to ask this time so I listened to everyone else's questions and your responses. My perspective about topics in my own life shifted with each question and answer. Totally blown away by how much each question related to thoughts and issues in my own life. Thank you so much! You are changing lives, Carrie, and it is so beautiful!
Lindsey S.

Parenting Essentials Course Summary

Week 1 – Set the Foundation for Your Parenting Practice

Lets go! In our first week, you are introduced to a whole new way of thinking about growing people, human development, and parenting. This perspective sets the foundation for everything we explore in subsequent weeks and inspires you for more learning.

Week 2 – Gain Clarity on Your Growing People’s Brains

Massive growth is taking place and your children’s brains are expanding in miraculous ways. This module gives you a clear understanding of what’s happening, how it influences your children’s behavior and how you can effectively parent in the midst of these profound changes.

Week 3 – Speak Their Language (and Play!)

As you’ve probably learned, reasoning with you growing people isn’t always the most effective strategy. This week we’ll dive into why their natural language is actually play, and how you can use certain tools to leverage it in challenging moments. I promise, speaking their language makes your life easier and the relationship stronger.

Week 4 – Care for Yourself, Your Desires, and Your Fears

Your emotional state sets the tone for the entire family. Mastering your self-care allows you to be a clear and confident parent. This week, you’ll explore ways to keep your cool when things heat up and how to stay steady no matter what your growing people are experiencing.

Week 5 – Navigate the Unsavory Behaviors

Kicking, screaming, melting down, not listening…these behaviors can be challenging to deal with and yet they are a normal part of development. This week we explore why your children behave in certain ways and what you can do when it happens to stay connected, guide them and keep family life on track.

Week 6 – Become Aware of and Tend to Your Triggers

We shift our focus to look at what’s triggering you in family life. We experiment with bringing the same consciousness that you show towards your children, to yourself. In taking this opportunity for growth, you honor yourself and the relationship with your growing people.

Week 7 – Hold Boundaries and Prepare for the Fallout

Throughout childhood, your growing people are exploring their world and need your help to know the limits. This week guides you in setting those boundaries clearly, firmly, kindly and in ways that support their unfolding. Once you become skilled at setting boundaries, you’ll not only feel more peace within yourself, your children will also have an amazing model for how to be a healthy, steady human.

Week 8 – Practice Empathy, Daily

In family life, empathy is an extremely stabilizing force. It creates ample opportunities for connection and gives your children a deep sense of emotional safety. This week guides you in becoming more empathetic. As you strengthen this important muscle, it will serve you as a parent now and down the road.

Week 9 – Play with an Attitude of Gratitude

I always say, what you appreciate, appreciates. Gratitude is literally the currency of connection. So this week, we dive into new ways you can put money in the bank. Plus, gratitude guides and perpetuates what’s working vs. focusing on what’s not working which completely shifts family life for smooth sailing.

Week 10 – Delight in Your People

When we feel delighted in, we feel seen. We feel understood. We feel appreciated for exactly who we are. And that delight deepens the connection and trust in the relationship. It adds to our sense of safety. This week, I give you simple techniques and experiments to amp up the delight in your family.

Week 11 – Get Intentional to Serve Your Family

Bringing more intention to family life builds routines that serve you and your family so life flows! And there’s no one way to do it, you get to create exactly what your family needs and wants based on what you know about yourself and your growing people. The possibilities are endless. And when you tap into what’s right for you and yours, the joy is overflowing.

Week 12 – Return to the Wonder of It All

In our capstone week, we step back, look at the big picture and celebrate all that you’ve accomplished in this program and in your family life. This week provides you with ideas, tools, and inspiration for going forward as a thoughtful, conscious, and equipped parent.

 How Parenting Essentials Works

  • Informational and Inspirational Emails: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday receive information and supportive communication directly from me with hundreds of tips and tools. You’ll also engage in thought provoking reflection questions about you and your people.
  • Engaging Videos: Every Monday and Friday you’ll get access to videos that go deeper into the week’s topic and take your understanding of these essentials to the next level.
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls – I’m setting aside the first Thursday of every month at 12pm CST where I will dedicate the entire time to answer your questions and offer the guidance, wisdom and support you need. I field questions from members on the phone as well as emails you send in. I lead some “situational coaching” – where you throw everything at me and I answer it all, on the spot. During this time I am here for you and all questions are welcome. These calls are recorded and also available to download to listen to later.

Parenting Essentials Bonuses!

  • Q&A Knowledgebase: You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers. I’ve amassed over 500 questions from parents around the world into a searchable platform! The guidance you receive is a result of hundreds of hours of thoughtfully crafted responses. This Q&A Knowledgebase is like having all of my best coaching and guidance instantly downloaded and organized and available at the push of a button. Very exciting!
  • Exclusive members-only portal: Your one stop shop for past emails, resources and videos. This way you’ll have it all together in one succinct location, available whenever you’re ready to dive in – or if you need a refresher down the road.
  • Free Spouse/Partner Membership: Just ONE investment per family = your significant other gets their membership for FREE!

All of this adds up to rewiring your brain, transforming how you see yourself and your growing people
and finding your “grooviest” groove as a family.

Carrie, I now understand that taking excellent care of myself is one of the highest forms of love I can give my family and I'm doing it! And as a result, when I regularly check in with myself, I find I have the answers I need, rather than just going through the motions. Thanks to my work with you I am a more grateful, calm, positive and patient person and parent. As my four year old would say, "Thank you times one million!"
Jenny R.

I think the self-care aspect of this program is life-changing. I think that a lot of us were raised to think we have to do it all, never consider our own feelings (that would be selfish, right!), etc. I have really been trying to do this when I feel triggered with my girls and my husband. I have noticed I am able to shift a situation even if I only manage to close my eyes for half a second and talk a deep, long breath...
Sarah S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Carrie Contey, Ph.D. and why is she qualified to teach this course?

I've been passionate about understanding babies, children and human development since I was a child myself. My deep and persistent interest motivated me to go as far as I could in studying humans from the very beginning. As a result, I received my PhD in prenatal and perinatal psychology in 2006. I've been working with families as a parenting coach – teaching classes, running a wildly successful online program called "Evolve" and seeing clients one-on-one -- for the past 10 years. My work offers a whole new perspective on family life and humanhood and what we need to be healthy, happy, whole human beings in all phases of life.

What about my spouse/partner? Can they join?

Absolutely! I love when parents (or co-parents) can get on the same page and have support on this journey. Your spouse / partner's membership is included in the $297 price! Pretty sweet, huh?!

Won't I get the results you're suggesting here if I just read your blog and watch your public videos?

This is a great question. I take pride in offering a lot of FREE valuable wisdom through my blog and videos and ebooks. That said, the Parenting Essentials program is intentionally crafted to walk you through a series of topics that are the foundation of connected parenting. The magnitude of guidance, wisdom and support you’ll get inside of Parenting Essentials is unique to this program.

It’s one thing to give you a quick tip, it’s another thing to give you a series of tools that all stem from a larger strategy and then support you on your journey. It’s the difference between hearing the concept versus owning it. When you own it, you have a deeply rooted confidence in understanding your child’s behavior and you know exactly how to respond, instantly.

I like the idea of this but I just feel like I'm too busy and won't get my money's worth. Should I join?

This is a really important concern to address. The truth is, you are busy! And every person who has ever participated in Parenting Essentials has been equally busy. Which means you’ll make time for it because you truly want to change some things in your life and grow as a parent. Plus, once you enroll, you'll receive the content over a series of 12 weeks - and then you'll be able to return to the membership site and access any of the content - forever.

Another way to consider this is to look at the big picture. Think about just one big challenge you’re experiencing in your parenting; if you were assured that this would be solved at the end of the year, would you get involved? Of course. The point is, it takes just one great idea, a-ha moment, or challenge solved to make a massive difference in your life that will have made this program well worth the investment.

My spouse/partner doesn't want to participate in the program - will it still work?

Yes! Absolutely! When you master the Parenting Essentials it opens up massive possibility in your partnership and other relationships. Plus you begin to model ways of being authentically connected to your family that communicates all you've learned for your partner. Plus, your purchase includes their membership, so if they decided they want to participate at a later date they can always jump in!

How long will it be before I can implement the tools in Parenting Essentials? And will I see a change in my child's behavior?

You'll be able to implement what you learn from Parenting Essentials immediately! The tips, tools and strategies have all been designed to fit into your life as soon as you need them. And they really do work!

You could start noticing a difference in your child's behavior once you implement ideas from the very first video or group coaching call. Every child is different but ultimately their behavioral responses will depend on how willing you are to implement the Parenting Essentials' tips, tools and strategies and how consistent you are with them. The more you practice what you learn, the quicker you'll see a change in your child, yourself, and your family life.

What happens if I enroll and then realize it's not for me?

I understand that timing is everything and you may not be ready to receive and use all that Parenting Essentials has to offer after enrolling.

Thus, at any point during the first month of the program you may cancel your Parenting Essentials membership with no future obligation. 100% of your money will be refunded to you.

NOTE: Parenting Essentials is a 12 week program. Cancellations will not be processed after the first four weeks. (After all, it takes a commitment to make real changes, right?)

Peace of Mind Guarantee

There is just ONE thing you need to do to guarantee that Parenting Essentials becomes an invaluable resource in your life: commit and consume.

If you can commit to being online just 10 minutes three times a week (30 minutes a week) Parenting Essentials WILL work for you!

But only you can do the work. If you meet this program half-way by showing up and consuming its wisdom, guidance and support, I have absolutely no doubt that your parenting and your life will shift dramatically in twelve weeks.

Parenting Essentials is a proven parenting and personal growth program that changes lives around the world.

I also understand that timing is everything and you may not be ready to receive and use all that Parenting Essentials has to offer after enrolling.

Thus, at any point during the first month of the program you may cancel your Parenting Essentials membership with no future obligation. 100% of your money will be refunded to you.

NOTE: Parenting Essentials is a 12 week program. Cancellations will not be processed after the first four weeks. (After all, it takes a commitment to make real changes, right?)

A Few Last Thoughts

How you parent now has a huge effect on what kind of relationship you have with your children later.

Carrie ConteyBeing a conscious and intentional parent opens you up to creating deeply loving and connected relationships with your growing people that endure through childhood, the teen years and long into adulthood. Parenting Essentials guides, inspires and supports you to become that clear and confident parent.

I see this every single day with thousands of parents around the world. This stuff works!
Take the next 12 weeks to re-invigorate your parenting with effective skills, invaluable reminders and permission to find the bliss in family life.

And remember…

Take care of yourself.

Trust your people.

Choose love.


P.S. If you still have questions, drop me and my team a line at We’re happy to help!

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