The Evolve Program

For over 6 years I’ve run my flagship and most successful program, Evolve.

Evolve is a year-long online program that helps parents embrace the journey of family life. Through ongoing support, we build a global community of engaged parents who are working together to raise healthy people and build strong relationships.

I have spent the past 20 years gathering knowledge, inspiration and tools that help you clarify what you want out of family life and find more ease and joy in parenting. By spending a year together, we turn this vision into your reality. (And I have some families who are in their 4th year with me!)

Evolve 2016 is currently closed for registrations.
It opens every January and we start the first week of February.

To get a taste of Evolve and receive 4 emails that give you a sense of it, fill out the following information.

“Since starting Evolve I noticed how high I’ve been on my own beautiful, ordinary, love-filled, amazingly abundant life. Making the conscious decision to jump on the Evolve train this year and do the daily templates and try out the exercises and participate in the community have blown the doors of my heart wide open. 

I am a naturally cheerful person, but struggle with finding the happy & fun with my parenting; this past month I have felt more connected to my partner and my kids than I have in a long, long, LONG time.  

I also feel more clear about what I want, personally and professionally. I think it’s easy to know that gratitudes work intellectually… but it’s also easy to forget, to put yourself last, to ignore your own cup, to slide into old habits. Evolve reminds me to exercise those muscles I’ve let atrophy. It is my gift to myself and oh boy am I glad I gave it!”

-Shannon B.