I spent time with the most innovative minds in the areas of human development, conscious parenting, psychology, neuroscience, holistic pediatrics, mindfulness, parenting for social change, the science of play, and more.

These conversations enlighten and guide you toward making family life blissfully your own.

No matter what stage of life your little ones are in — babyhood, toddlerhood, childhood or teenhood — this time in history is like no other. Come gather information, inspiration and tools that will catapult you into living a joyful life with your growing ones, here and now.

Dive into the goodies here!

Marietta McCarty: The impact of honest conversations
Teresa Graham Brett: Parenting for social change
Lori Petro: It really is all about love
Shefali Tsabary, PhD: The art and practice of conscious parenting
Michelle Charfen, MD: Unconditional positive regard
Dr. Tina Payne Bryson: No drama discipline
Steve Gross: Playful parenting, here and now
Stephen Cowan, MD: Faith in human development
Solomon Masala: Grooving in family life
Jonathan Hewitt: Your parenting flow
Lizzie Martinez, MA, DHom: Empowered health care
Geeta Cowlagi: Mindfulness as a path to deeper connection


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