The Extraordinary Holiday Challenge

My FREE online challenge runs the month of December and is sure to make your holiday extraordinary!

Daily emails gives you a boost along the way, and an interactive website with engaging activities support you to:

  • Discover how to find more joy in the moments
  • Practice getting and staying grounded
  • Deeply connect with your loved ones
  • Create and live with an attitude of gratitude
  • Tap into a like-minded community for support and inspiration
  • Learn how to make this season your very own

Each completed task earns you points to track your progress. It’s the most worthwhile thing you’ll do online this season!

Join hundreds of families in my FREE online challenge, and make your holiday extraordinary!

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Thanks to the holiday challenge I feel way less anxiety and much more acceptance of myself and those around me. It’s so simple and so powerful. And only takes me a few minutes a day. Amazing! - Jennifer F.

* * * * * *

Playing Carrie’s holiday Challenge charged me up daily and supported me in deepening my connections with my most important people. - Boone G.

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